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Canton WRF MBR Train No. 1

Chemical Storage tanks at Canton WRF

Chemical Storage tanks at Canton WRF

“TnT” Engineering – “Toilet n Tap”

Engineering Services for Wastewater and Water Facilities

TnT Engineering, LLC is an Ohio based business established to provide professional engineering services for wastewater and water facilities including new, expanded, renovated and upgraded water, sanitary and storm piping systems; civil/site work; pump stations; storage tanks; treatment plants; and all associated structures and support systems.

With over thirty-eight years of pertinent project knowledge and experience in “wastewater and water” facilities engineering, TnT Engineering, LLC promotes cost effective and feasible approaches to achieve positive solutions to todays’ challenges of our clients by using conventional and proven new technologies for the water and wastewater facilities industry. From equipment pre-selection and procurement, to bidding and funding assistance, assessments, agency permit obtainment, MBR systems and conventional treatment technology evaluations, TnT can take your project from planning through design and to successful operation.

Our Mission is:

Dedication to the wastewater and water industry to provide practical, cost effective, feasible and sustainable infrastructure improvements; and to protect and enrich our communities, environment and natural resource through engineering stewardship.

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