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  • Best Value Evaluations for Equipment and Processes
  • Cost Effectiveness Evaluations of MBR Activated Sludge Processes
  • Differences between MBR activated sludge systems
  • MBR Activated Sludge and the surrounding systems
  • New technologies being used in the wastewater industry
  • The study of the disinfection effectiveness comparison after MBR and conventional activated sludge research project
  • The Three C’s
    • Climate
    • Carbon
    • Credit


  • upper-tuscarawas-influent-screening-bldg

    Upper Tuscarawas WWTP - Influent Screening Building

  • upper-tuscarawas-influent-screening-2

    Upper Tuscarawas WWTP - Influent Screening 2

  • upper-tuscarawas-compressed-media-tertiary-filter-1

    Upper Tuscarawas WWTP - Compressed Media Tertiary Filter

  • upper-tuscarawas-compressed-media-filter-cell-for-tertiary-backwashing-1

    Upper Tuscarawas WWTP - Compressed Media Filter Cell for Tertiary - Backwashing

  • union-rome-wwtp-uv-units-and-piping

    Union Rome WWTP - UV Units and Piping

  • union-rome-wwtp-process-building

    Union Rome WWTP - Process Building

  • union-rome-wwtp-mbt-thickened-sludge-pumps

    Union Rome WWTP MBT - Thickened Sludge Pump

  • union-rome-septage-recieving-station

    Union Rome WWTP - Septage Receiving Station

  • union-rome-mbr-wwtp-under-roof

    Union Rome MBR WWTP - Under Roof

  • union-rome-mbr-wwtp-process-building

    Union Rome MBR WWTP - Process Building

  • union-rome-mbr-wwtp-influent-pump-dry-pit

    Union Rome MBR - WWTP Influent Pump Dry Pit

  • union-rome-mbr-wwtp-blower-room

    Union Rome MBR WWTP - Blower Room

  • holmesville-influent-screen

    Holmesville WWTP Influent Screen

  • delphos-wwtp-laboratory

    Delphos WWTP Laboratory

  • delphos-wwtp-belt-press-dewatering-system

    Delphos WWTP Belt Press Dewatering System

  • delphos-wwtp-atad-equipment-gallery

    Delphos WWTP ATAD Equipment Gallery

  • canton-wrf-train-no-1-new-membranes-installed

    Canton WRF Train No. 1 New Membranes Installed

  • canton-wrf-preaeration-blower-upgrade-to-turbo-blowers

    Canton WRF Preaeration Blower Upgrade to Turbo Blowers

  • canton-wrf-permeate-pipe-and-waste-pump

    Canton WRF Permeate Pipe and Waste Pump

  • canton-wrf-influent-coarse-screens-upgrade

    Canton WRF Influent Coarse Screens

  • IMG_3043 (002)

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Dedication to the wastewater and water industry to provide practical, cost effective, feasible and sustainable infrastructure improvements; and to protect and enrich our communities, environment and natural resource through engineering stewardship.

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