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Engineering Services for Wastewater and Water Facilities

TnT Engineering, LLC has a breadth of experience and capabilities, and at TNT no project is considered too large or too small. TnT can manage your project, be the senior technical design engineer, or work together as a team member or consultant on your project.

Below are a few of the services TnT provides:

  • Wastewater and water technical knowledge, application, selection, procurement, design, construction, and operation experience including membrane technologies.
  • Assistance with process and/or equipment selection and application, including “Best Value”, pre-selection and procurement of equipment and systems, agreement preparation and assisting in negotiations.
  • Project planning studies including conceptualization, design development, opinions of costs and to obtain financing.
  • Design of process facilities including the development of the basis of design and/or design report, construction drawings, specifications and bidding documents.
  • Assistance during project bidding and/or during construction as the Owner’s Engineer administering the project and/or monitoring construction.
  • Operations, maintenance, energy and process studies including acceptable practices, asset management and optimization.
  • Equipment, construction, project and life cycle cost evaluations and opinions.
  • Assistance with the preparation and implementation of asset management programs to comply with Senate Bill 2 by October 1st, 2018, which includes: inventory and evaluation of assets; emergency and contingency planning; operation and maintenance programs; infrastructure rehabilitation and replacement timelines; capital improvement planning; capacity projections; and long-term funding strategies.

  • Study, design and construction document QA/QC reviews including technical basis of the design; document completeness; drawing coordination; constructability; construction sequencing; technical oversight; system start-up, testing and operation; and opinions of cost.
  • Preparation of Operation and Maintenance Manuals.
  • Regulatory and agency coordination, submittals and permitting assistance.
  • Assistance to the Owner with funding agencies.
  • Value engineering studies.
  • Assessments, necessity declarations and associated document development including exhibits, opinions of costs, cost apportionments and meeting attendance and/or assistance.
  • Assisting communities with monitoring technical aspects of utility departments operation and maintenance, oversight of department staff and technical support to the administration.
  • Perform computer modeling including potable water and low pressure sewer systems to identify system deficiencies, calculate expected system flows, and to effectively select and size components such as pumps, pipes, tanks, valves and other equipment.

Our Mission is:

Dedication to the wastewater and water industry to provide practical, cost effective, feasible and sustainable infrastructure improvements; and to protect and enrich our communities, environment and natural resource through engineering stewardship.

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